Website Relaunch

As we get nearer and nearer to completion of SLA Industries 2nd Edition, we have spent some time updating the website to better reflect Nightfall Games. At present our focus is on our two product lines, SLA Industries 2nd Edition and SLA Industries, Cannibal Sector 1 miniature skirmish game. The updated website is themed around 2nd Edition, but as Nightfall Games grows as a company we will share news and, no doubt, update the website to reflect other product lines. Watch this space!

A key addition to the new page is this newsfeed, on which we will update you on our projects and news. We have lots of plans and have already secured some exciting IPs that we want to share with you, when we can. We will also announce here on the progression of ongoing projects, our attendance at shows and share social media and focus by other websites and youtube channels on Nightfall’s range of products. You can also expect to see links to new resources and focus articles on our key products.

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