Devil's Run

When the gangs tear up the freeway… Choose a side. Fight. Survive.

Two great nations that were destined to never find peace disappeared
overnight. One is now an irradiated hot-zone where nothing survives. The
other a sparesly populated wasteland that has plummeted into anarchy
and chaos. Water, gas and food are the only currencies that matter on a
continent ruled by bullets, balls and bloodshed.

The Devil’s Run roleplaying game puts you in the driving seat of a postapocalyptic future in which gang warfare dominates. The rules of the road are none. All you need ask yourself is, what would you kill for?
What would you die for? How far are you willing to fall to survive?

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Overview of Game Mechanics

High-octane action fuelled by rules for two turbo-driven systems. This corebook contains the full system for the 2d20 ruleset, plus mechanics to risk the Devil’s Run using the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition system.

The 2d20 system is a storytelling system that creates exciting outcomes for thrilling and suspenseful scenarios. In this system, characters roll two d20s and aim to score low on both. The more successful low rolls a character has, the more successful they are in the situation.

The Savage Worlds system is a versatile set of rules that can be applied to various genres such as fantasy, superhero, modern, sci-fi and historical. It doesn’t have any classes, but it utilises attributes, skills, and edges/hindrances instead. This game is known for its exploding-dice mechanic, which makes it challenging and character-deadly.

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