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Hellboy: Korhonen Series, Part 2 – The Wet Werewolf on PDF

The Wet Werewolf Title Image

The Wet Werewolf is the second of a multipart campaign arc, The Korhonen Series, which will be released over the following months.

After the epic confrontations of Cannister Seven, the Agents’ handler has flagged the team for some light duties and behold the heavens have smiled upon you. This casefile has all the hallmarks of a perfect working vacation. A rain of fish is always worth investigating, but is usually just a matter of recording witness statements and arranging for the waste management teams to do a tidy up. It’s very rare that anything ever turns up, even when there are some locals with minor injuries. And the handler couldn’t have chosen a better spot. The town has been recently audited with next to no occult threats recorded, a bunch of five-star B&B reviews and fresh insider agency knowledge on the best places to get an after-hours pint. But alas there’s a catch. Demonic forces are on the march couch and raiding the fridge! Pacts have been signed and deals have been struck. Petty feuds will reach a crescendo as the agents face the fury of… The Wet Werewolf

Case File Number 19971025

The Wet WerewolfSixteen hours ago, the Bavarian town of Gunzenhausen has had a strange phenomenon, a rain of fish. And not just river fish, all manner of fish both fresh and salt water. Three people were injured: a woman in a car crash, a man fell off his bicycle, and another man got stabbed by a swordfish. A local reported it as suspicious to the state police, who took one look at it and called the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (FOPC). They apparently have investigative jurisdiction as witchcraft is considered espionage and is against the Grundgesetz (German constitution). Luckily, a friend in Cologne (the HQ of the FOPC) was able to get this channelled our way before the locals started a brand-new round of witch hunts.

Get in there, figure out what caused it, see if it needs stopped. Whatever you do, don’t let the tabloids get involved. Initial research will have to done on the fly. The town’s 50km from Nuremburg airport, and your flight leaves in an hour. When you arrive, it’ll be after dark. A hotel will be ready if you don’t want to visit the hospital straight away.