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Threat Analysis: Collateral – Summer 2021

Nightfall Games are very pleased to announce that we are bringing the first sourcebook for SLA Industries 2nd Edition to Kickstarter in the Summer of 2021.

Threat Analysis: Collateral will be a 200-page book within which the common threats – to be faced on the streets of Downtown and the surrounding Cannibal Sectors – are present in detail. You will be able to take a deep dive into the history, culture and nature of each of the threats, with art, stats and special skills included in their descriptions.

There will be exhaustive descriptions of the growing threat of the Dream Entities and the Gangs of Mort, including their structure and internal laws, and Collateral will also cover the more familiar threats like the Carrien and Scavs and what they are up to now. We will also be re-examining the culture of the Cannibal clans and the media’s fascination with Serial Killers.

You can also expect to see plenty of old favourites, including the omnipresent Manchines, both familiar and freshly described variants, and the Ex-War Criminals of Sector 3 with their devastating military-grade weaponry and infamous Battle Suits. On top of all this, a veritable host of hideous new creatures will be included to plague your games and there will even be a brand new Cyan BPN type to create and complete.

Mark Rapson, Managing Director of Nightfall Games:
“After the massive success of SLA Industries 2nd Edition, we are very excited to be working on Collateral. We have upped our game and expanded our team for this sourcebook, to include a bevvy of new artists to complement our long serving favourites like Clint Langley and Jon Hodgson.”

Back at the helm of the project is Dave Allsop, who has already written a significant part of the book and completed much of the art. He is also art directing a large stable of artists, including many first seen in SLA Industries 2nd Edition core rulebook, with both familiar and new artists filling the pages with full colour art.

Jared Earle, Production Manager of Nightfall Games:
“We are exceedingly proud of the work we did on SLA Industries 2nd Edition and I’m looking forward to producing this first of the 4Cs book. What I have seen of the art and writing has me very excited. The summer cannot roll around soon enough.”

The Collateral kickstarter will, of course, include more than just one book, and will offer more surprises along the way, with Stretch Goals that will challenge even the highest security clearances. Bring your credit rating and pack your best outfits as we head out into the summer rains of Mort City with the Threat Analysis: Collateral Kickstarter campaign.

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