SLA Industries 2nd Edition – Progress Report: Issue Two

After the success of Ex-Mass and Progress Report Issue One, we thought we’d like to give you something else before we send out the beta copies of the rules in a few months. And here it is, Progress Report Issue One

To get this 36 page PDF, follow this link.


Created initially during the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, this ragtag collection of pieces, all SLA Industries orientated, should be considered the second issue of a 36-page SLA Industries magazine.

Within this document you will find two short pieces of fiction, a new Cannibal threat with four BPN ideas, ten BPN recipes, some Cannibal Sector fun and a stand-alone Shiver Print & Play game. Oh, and did we mention all-new art by Dave Allsop and Matteo Spirito? The Nightfall Games team hope that this will be enough to encourage you to stay indoors and prepare further for the upcoming SLA Industries 2nd Edition.