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Hellboy: Korhonen Series, Part 1 – Cannister 7 on PDF

Cannister 7 Title Image

Cannister Seven is the first of a multipart campaign arc, The Korhonen Series, which will be released over the following months.

In this case file, the agents will encounter Russian Agents, German Vampires, and an army of Renfields. The agents have been tasked with securing one of the hideous wunderwaffe of the Reich, created as the Reich itself entered its final death throes.

Over the course of the adventure, the agents will travel around the world while they perform their primary objective of keeping humanity safe from the creatures of folklore and evil. They will have to face off against all manner of monsters and government agencies, battling vampires, demons, fae, Nazis, UFOs, and government bureaucracy in equal measure.

Case File Number 19971024

The BRPG Team Landing in GermanyIn 1946, the Russian military was photographed recovering debris from an unusual Nazi rocket launched as an attempted sour grapes attack by remnants of the Nazi regime. This rocket was, according to BPRD records, part of a project using weaponized vampires as a biological weapon.

While it is unknown whether any vampires were captured by the Soviets it is almost certain that the weaponized pathogen was recovered. Now after sixty years of back-channel negotiation, the SSS has agreed to trade four active samples of the virus, along with the remains of the recovered rocket, for a pair of Russian grimoires and an East German case file from 1948.

Your team is to attend a clandestine meeting with the SSS and make the trade. The trade is to take place in Berlin, and you’ve got three days to get there. Your first stop will be a safehouse on Wörther Str. The safehouse is above the St Michael English language bookstore which is a friendly site currently holding the grimoires in its safe. If you need to hole up for a night, you can return there and use the safehouse but, when possible, leave quickly.

The Russian agents will be waiting for you at a time and address waiting for you with the books. Identify yourselves with the codename “Jericho.” Get the samples and get stateside ASAP.