Cannibal Sector One Miniature Skirmish Game Discontinued

Today, Nightfall Games announces the discontinuation of the ‘Cannibal Sector One Miniature Skirmish Game’.

The vast majority of the remaining stock has been reduced by 50% on the Nightfall Games website and the entire line will be discontinued on the 30th June 2021. Until then you can purchase here, whilst stocks last!

We thank those of you that have enjoyed the game to date and we believe that it is one of the best skirmish miniature games out there, but we as a company must recognise where our strength and focus is and a miniatures game is outside of the core mission of the company. We know that some people may be upset by this decision, but it is clear that paying demand for this game is no longer of a level that makes the continued support viable.

Nightfall Games will continue to focus on our roleplaying lines and future RPG products, including both ‘SLA Industries 2nd Edition’ and ‘The Terminator RPG’.


“We found ourselves in charge of completing the Cannibal Sector One Miniature Skirmish Game Kickstarter in 2017/18, when it became clear that the licensee were unable to do so. It meant a lot of work and expenditure for us, but we knew it was what we needed to do to keep Nightfall Games and SLA Industries alive – we were right.

We worked hard and made a skirmish game we were very proud of, but in the years since the games demand has diminished to the point it is clear it is time to stop.”

Mark Rapson, Managing Director Nightfall Games.